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Water softening

Calcium, as well as other ingredients such as salts, dissolved and undissolved metals, can leave marks and stains on many surfaces. In such cases, the use of soft water leads to a reduction in the consumption of cleaning agents in any industry, which not only saves costs but also optimizes the service life of equipment.  

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Softeners for industry

A serious problem that occurs during the operation of industrial cooling systems and steam boiler systems is the deposition of limescale, an unfavourable process leading to deterioration of heat exchange efficiency. Water softening is the exchange of calcium and magnesium ions (responsible for water hardness) for sodium neutral ions. This process involves letting water go through the ion resin bed, where the softening process takes place. The processes of softening and station regeneration take place automatically.

By providing soft water we avoid such problems as:

  • sediment depositing in the system 
  • reduced heat transfer
  • clogging of narrow coils in machinery and equipment


Advantages for which it is worthwhile to use Watersystem devices:

  • maintenance-free and reliable operation, 
  • simple and inexpensive to operate,
  • ion exchange beds have a life span of up to 20 years,
  • hydropneumatic tanks made of plastic,
  • allow for water intake during regeneration and determine the amount of salt used,
  • softeners can operate alternately or in parallel.