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Car washes

Car washes

High water quality has a significant influence on the functioning and success of a car wash. While water is required in large quantities, it should also fulfill the appropriate parameters, which will bring the car wash owner savings and vehicle owners satisfaction with a clean, shiny vehicle without any streaks, unrinsed chemical agents or, in particular, residues of impurities.

Water treatment for car washes

What should the water be like in a car wash?

The proper operation of a car wash, which includes the final effect in the form of a clean and shining vehicle, depends on the applied water treatment plant. To obtain the optimal quality of vehicle washing, soft water should be used for the primary wash. This makes it possible to consume a lower amount of chemical agents and limit the formation of white spots on the washed vehicle body.

The next stage is to rinse off the vehicle thoroughly with demineralized water. More time must be dedicated to this stage than customers typically do, as superficial rinsing by itself will not bring the expected results. The vehicle must be well-rinsed from top to bottom, without forgetting about precise cleaning of gaskets, door seals, mirrors and other parts. Washing cars with demineralized water eliminates the need for wiping them down. Demineralized water does not contain calcium, so it does not leave behind white spots after it dries.

Water recovery systems in car washes

The constantly growing prices of water and environmental awareness force car wash users to use systems that save water consumption. One such solution is a car wash water recycling system. The recycling system allows for the recovery of some of the water from the main wash and the chassis wash for re-use in the washing process.

Recirculation and purification systems make up a machine that is convenient to use and that can be applied successfully at any type of station. This technology makes it possible to recover the valuable fluid after it is filtered and impurities from the drainage system are removed. Reuse of raw materials is not just a formula for financial stability but also for greater care for the natural environment.

Dosing of chemicals

Chemical agents for washing vehicles and supporting water treatment are commonly applied at car washes. Dosing pumps and stations are used to dose chemicals into water. With their help, chemicals and agents protecting the installation against corrosion or the development of microorganisms are added to water.

The dosing pumps for car washes we offer are characterized by high reliability and precise dosing. In order to ensure optimal operating parameters, they should be selected in a professional and diligent manner for each installation individually. Our consultants can help with selecting the right solution for a given car wash.

Typical processes applied in car washes