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Individual and commercial clients

Individual and commercial clients

We propose the application of diverse water treatment technologies, adapted to strictly defined needs of individual, institutional and enterprise clients. To treat water from wells or water supply lines, we must know what it is contaminated with, and hence, we must test its quality. For this purpose, we conduct in-depth physical and chemical analysis of the water, based on which we select the appropriate equipment for its treatment.


Water treatment for individual and commercial clients

Is it worth treating water?

Water supply companies make sure that clean water comes out of our taps, however it sometimes happens that pollutants get into the network despite this. These are most commonly sediments deposited on the surface of pipes, elevated content of the chlorine used for disinfection, or corrosion originating from the pipes.

In such cases, water quality deteriorates rapidly, and it may become harmful to household equipment or our health. This is because water affects the proper functioning of the hydraulic installation, household appliances that come into contact with water, and the condition of our skin and hair.

The water treatment stations we offer are capable of eliminating problems with contaminated water. Treatment improves the quality of water, removes pollutants, reduces hardness and reduces unpleasant odor. This process makes it safe to use water without fearing for our health, household appliances or hydraulic installation.


What water softeners to choose?

Watersystem’s offer includes many water treatment stations. Among them, we recommend compact softeners, designed for people who care about comfort and convenience. These machines treat water to crystalline purity and softness, so one can enjoy a superior quality of skin and hair care, and clothing washed in softened water gains a new dimension of smoothness and durability.

EURO series softeners are used to soften drinking or domestic water from which iron and manganese have previously been removed. As a complete appliance, the softener is mounted in a plastic containers, saving on the space required for installation.

Prosoft and Prosoft PLUS are a series of water softeners, comprising compact and dual-tank (with separate salt and resin tanks) models. They are filled with monospherical ion-exchanging resin. This is currently one of the most technically advanced machines on the market, equipped with an optional WiFi module, and also economical in operation.

Typical processes used in these facilities