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About us

Watersystem is a specialized supplier of water and sewage treatment systems for many industries. We offer a comprehensive and individualized approach to every water-related problem, from design through construction, commissioning, and ending with system service.

Thanks to many years of experience in water and sewage treatment, we offer high quality products, and thus ensure that the required parameters are achieved and the service life is maintained at low operating costs.

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One stop shop

One stop shop

Our wide range of solutions covers both water treatment and sewage treatment technologies.

This integrated, one-stop shop approach makes Watersystem a unique supplier in the water and sewage management market. The one-stop shop approach to services we provide is a guarantee of professional and comprehensive cooperation with a single business partner. This allows you to implement environmentally friendly solutions, which are economically and technologically optimal and thus increase the competitiveness of your company on the market.

Design - construction - commissioning

Design - construction - commissioning

We develop our systems from scratch, starting with 3D designs of equipment items.

When designing a water or sewage treatment system, Watersystem takes into account all aspects of end use, such as: quality requirements, applicable laws and regulations, energy efficiency, maintenance and operating costs. Each system is professionally designed and made by us in accordance with European standards.

Wide range of technologies

Wide range of technologies

Thanks to the use of reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration and electrodeionization, Watersystem systems produce high quality water for various purposes.


Filtration on multimedia beds


Filtration is a process in which we remove suspended solids from water. This process occurs when water flows through a filtering material layer. Both raw water and water treated in other, upstream processes is filtered. Filtration is carried out with the use of appropriately selected filter materials.


A typical industrial use of multi-media bed filtration is raw water pre-treatment prior to the water softening and membrane treatment steps.



Softening (ion exchange)


Excessive water hardness is an undesirable phenomenon, both in production processes and its normal consumption. Calcium deposits are formed when hard water is used. To avoid operational problems, it becomes necessary to soften water.


Softeners are successfully used in heating systems of thermal/steam power plants, laundries and other processes where hard water causes operational problems (formation and deposition of limescale).


Nano- and ultrafiltration


Nanofiltration (NF) and ultrafiltration (UF) are membrane filtration technologies (similar to reverse osmosis). They are used in the treatment of potable water, process water, sewage and sea water. Ultrafiltration is a technology based on the physical screening out of particles of dissolved, colloidal and undissolved substances with the use of a suitable type of membrane. It is used to concentrate or clarify solutions, fractionate compounds, etc.


Reverse osmosis


Reverse osmosis is a process that makes it possible to produce demineralized water in an environmentally safe manner without the use of aggressive chemicals. Sewage (concentrate) produced on a continuous basis is also not harmful to the environment. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to eliminate up to 99.5% of dissolved salts. Typical applications of reverse osmosis are found in turbine power plants, production of potable and irrigation water from seawater (desalination).




Water electrodeionization (EDI) is a modern, fully automated technology that allows to obtain demineralized water with very high quality parameters, which is more and more commonly required in the energy sector and many industries. Electrodeionization is typically used for final polishing of water treated in reverse osmosis, where it is necessary to maintain a very low water conductivity (less than 0,1 μS/cm).


Flocculation and coagulation


Coagulation is a process in which substances called polymers are added to water to collect undesirable particles/matter in the form of flocs which can then be removed, for example by sand filtration. Coagulation is used for removing organic matter and suspensions from raw water and other purposes.


Flocculation is the final stage of some types of coagulation, i.e. sediment coming out of colloids. It consists in the formation of chemical bonds between micelles, as a result of which they combine into large aggregates that visibly separate from colloidal solution, forming a precipitate or a cloudy suspension.


UV disinfection

UV disinfection consists in the elimination of microorganisms from water through the use of short-wave ultraviolet light. This disinfection is usually used to treat swimming pool water (chloramine reduction and disinfection) and in the treatment of process water during storage or in-process circulation.


Chemical dosing


Chemical dosing is simply a method of feeding chemicals into water, to achieve the desired effect. Typical use cases include flocculation of organic substances, chlorine disinfection of swimming pool water and pH control.

Plug and play solutions

Plug and play solutions

Thanks to their design, the offered filter sets are easy to handle and to install. This allows us to deliver and commissions systems anywhere in Europe.

The filter sets we offer are easy to handle and install. Thanks to this, we can quickly deliver and commission systems anywhere in Europe.

Commissioning and maintenance, training in operation

Commissioning and maintenance, training in operation

After system delivery or installation, our engineers will train your operating personnel in safe and efficient operation and maintenance.


As a system supplier or contractor, Watersystem takes care of the entire commissioning process, including training in operation and maintenance. Thanks to this professional approach, we are sure that the delivered and installed system will work efficiently and the service life of the system will be extended. Should any problems arise, we guarantee support from our team to help you solve them.

Warranty and post-warranty service

Warranty and post-warranty service

The highest quality of services and products offered by Watersystem will not always protect users against mistakes made during operation or fortuitous events.


Watersystem offers help in solving issues, ongoing supervision over the treatment process and prompt response of our service team in the event of any failure.

Company brochure

Company brochure

You can read more about our company and our projects in the company brochure.

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