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Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

The quality of mains water may vary, which can have a significant impact on the appearance, taste and overall quality of food products. Our water treatment systems for food and beverage production not only improve the quality of food products but also reduce corrosion in the equipment used to produce food.

Water treatment in the F&B sector

Water in the food industry - requirements

The food industry consumes large amounts of water to produce food and beverages. It is used at practically every stage of the production process – for washing, rinsing, blanching, pasteurization, heating, cooling, as well as for maintaining hygiene, cleaning or disinfection of equipment. High water quality is therefore critical to product quality.

Furthermore, the water used in food production must be absolutely safe for human health and meet any requirements defined in regulations issued by government authorities on the parameters of water intended for human consumption. Health and sanitary inspection authorities make sure that this is indeed the case by continuously monitoring water composition.

The appropriate protection of water, particularly from a microbiological perspective, is a priority. Water should be protected against the possibility of contamination, particularly in the case of enterprises that store water. Hence, the liquid must not contain:

  • substances affecting organoleptic properties,
  • solid particles and suspensions,
  • substances disrupting production processes in any way,
  • substances fostering the formation of sediments on production line segments.


Water treatment methods in the food industry

A significant share of the water used in the food industry requires treatment, i.e. adjustment of parameters to regulations relevant to its purpose. The solution is to implement the appropriate disinfection system, enabling elimination or significant reduction of microorganisms.

On-pipe filters are most commonly used in food industry plants, as they are appropriate for every segment of this industry. Besides them, water softeners and reverse osmosis stations are also widespread. In every instance, selection of the appropriate unit should be done after obtaining detailed guidelines such as: output, required water quality and raw water composition.

In order to achieve the best effects of protection against microorganisms, including against the development of biofilm in installations, a system consisting of a bactericidal lamp and a system for continuous or periodic dosing of properly selected chemical agents will be a reasonable choice.

In the case of water from a private intake, reduction of iron, manganese, ammonium compounds, hydrogen sulfide and other impurities is indispensable. For this reason, deironing and demanganizing filters, as well as other apparatus for removal of harmful compounds present in water, should be selected for water treatment.

Thanks to optimized water filtration, one can not only ensure the appropriate quality of water intended for the food industry but also substantially extend the lifetime of expensive equipment and raise return on investment. Watersystem is an expert in the field of water treatment for the food & beverage sector. We serve with advice and assistance in finding the best solution.