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Prosoft and Prosoft PLUS are a series of compact water softeners, comprising compact and dual tank (with separate salt and resin tanks) models. They are filled with monospherical ion-exchanging resin. These are currently among the most technically advanced machines on the market, economical in operation, with an optional WiFi module.


These machines are equipped with control heads from the global leader, Clack Corp, which guarantees high performance and high technical advancement of systems.


They are economical in operation and have proportional regulation, the so-called “dry tank” function, and the capability of connecting a chlorine generator (Prosoft Plus)


Prosoft and Prosoft Plus series softeners have been designed for people who care about comfort and convenience. Crystal clear and soft water is a joy and luxury for you and your family.


Soft water fosters better skin and hair condition, and clothing washed in softened water gains a new dimension of softness and durability.


AquaSmart - a specially prepared system of control head operation, selected for a specific case based on water analysis, thanks to which the machine’s operating costs are optimized and the machine itself is less prone to failure and has a longer life.

Advantages of the unit
  •     Reliable control head from the US manufacturer, Clack Corp.
  •     Has high-quality monospherical resin
  •     Regeneration with proportional brining 
  •     Backlit controller with the Polish language and diagnostic functions
  •     Bed regeneration via Up-Flow (upstream flow)
  •     Systems for saving water and salt during regeneration
  •     Uses the AquaSmart system


Advantages of using softened water
  •     Extended lifetime of household appliances thanks to calcium sediment reduction
  •     Savings on heating costs thanks to reduction of losses caused by boiler scale
  •     Precisely washed dishes and cutlery without streaks and water stains.
  •     Easier to keep sanitary fittings clean by limiting sediments on the surface of tubs, shower cabins, etc.
  •     More thorough washing and rinsing of fabrics, which become softer and do not lose color.
  •     Reduced laundry detergent consumption
  •     Moisturized and shiny hair, soft and smooth skin, elevated activity of
  •     collagen and elastin in the skin