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Projects and services

We operate in the "turnkey" formula, offering complete project execution, - design and construction of water treatment plants and sewage treatment plants in the "design and build" system. The system covers the implementation and management of the subsequent implementation stages, which are: concept study development, water/sewage treatment plant building plans and specifications, priced bill of quantities, delivery and installation of equipment, system and finished facility commissioning. Our comprehensive approach provides the owner with the highest level of quality and high savings. Qualified staff guarantees the proper progress and overall project coordination.



Range of Watersystem services

Thanks to our extensive knowledge and wealth of experience, we can precisely select the technology appropriate for a particular application based on water or sewage analyses and customer requirements. We use proven technologies and equipment in our projects. We provide high quality services and equipment that guarantee customer satisfaction and the effectiveness of the treatment process.

The basic range of services includes:

  • performing physicochemical analyses of water and sewage

Tests allow us to precisely determine the chemical composition of water. We use test results to select water treatment technologies to meet the requirements of a particular application.

  • testing and pilot trials

Pilot tests, otherwise known as trials, are carried out to test whether the selected process will run as planned and allowing to obtain the desired parameters. We offer a possibility of carrying pilot/test trials using the devices we offer. These trials clearly demonstrate achievable filtration effects and often encourage future users to install the final units;

  • design services

The basic engineering design takes into account specific parameters, the results of laboratory and pilot tests, design requirements and the customer's budget. Together with the basic engineering design, the process and its main components are defined. Necessary construction activities are defined. The costs of the system completion and operation are also specified. At this point, Watersystem develops a detailed proposal including the delivery and installation of devices and equipment.

  • deliveries and system building

Due to stringent requirements of customers, Watersystem builds most of its equipment at in-house shops. System components and modules are prefabricated so that they can be quickly assembled on site without compromising the quality, while saving time during installation at the customer's site.

  • system commissioning

Process water treatment and process sewage systems are often commissioned in parallel with the launch of new production. During this time, they must be optimally matched to the specific water and sewage quality. Optimum parameters and operating costs should be also taken into account. Process engineers with many years of experience in biology, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering play the most important role in optimizing equipment commissioning.

  • process optimization

During the long service life of a waster and sewage system, changes in composition of media and the quality requirements of the treatment often take place. Re-checking all design assumptions, optimizing certain process stages or applying state-of-the-art process solutions can bring additional savings.