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Dosing pumps

Pumps and dosing stations are used to dose chemicals into water or wastewater in order to change their parameters or carry out chemical reactions. They are used for dosing chemicals that correct the parameters of water supplementing heating or cooling circuits as well as measures to protect the installation against corrosion or the growth of microorganisms. In water and wastewater technology, dosing pumps are used as dosers for chemical reagents, corrosion inhibitors, pH correctors, disinfectants, anti-scale agents, coagulants, flocculants, etc. The dosing pumps we offer are characterized by reliability and precise dosing. In order to ensure optimal operating parameters, they should be selected in a professional and careful manner, individually for each installation.

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The Watersystem SMART DOSE central chemical dosing system is an automatic system for mixing and dosing concentrated chemicals for vehicle washing and detailing.

SMART DOSE can be configured and equipped according to individual customer preferences (number of bays, number of dosed chemical preparations) or fitted with a water treatment system. Installation of the SMART DOSE Watersystem ensures precise/constant mixing of chemicals with water. Chemicals are applied using dispensing guns with distribution hoses of the right length and diameter, and the reverse osmosis water treatment system leaves no smudges on the vehicle so there is no need for wiping.

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PolyCendos dosing stations

PolyCendos is a comprehensive polymer preparation system for the dosing liquid and powder flocculants in a wide range of water treatment applications in sewage treatment, paper, chemical, petrochemical and mineral processing industries. Six models are available of this three-chamber continuous flow system to suit each application, with control panels, powder feeder, diaphragm metering pumps and agitators,- all integrated in a single solution.


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