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SEKO’s basic offer in motor-powered pumps is the Spring series. Three types of mechanisms and a wide selection of models with different output profiles make it possible for the user to find the appropriate solution for nearly every application, offering precise dosing even under variable pressure conditions.



MS Series


  •     Series MS1’s excellent motor-powered membrane pump solution is suitable for most applications.
  •     MS1 output range 5.51 l/h to 646 l/h @ 8 bar.
  •     MS1 has a spring-loaded return mechanism in an aluminum housing.
  •     MS1 can be delivered with a single- or tri-phase motor with IP55 protection


PS series


  •     PS1 Output range 1.5 - 304 l/h @ 20 bar.
  •     Every model can be equipped with two types of piston pitch length configurations, it can be configured manually or automatically via additional equipment such as an AKTUA KIT 4-20mA frequency converter.
  •     PS2 Output range 400 - 1292 l/h @ 5 bar
  •     PS2 has a spring-loaded return mechanism in an aluminum housing
  •     Every model has output regulation within the range of 0-100%.