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Mechanical filters

Commercial NW filters

The NW 280 - 340 - 400 series of water filters is designed to filter clean water with a low content of suspended solids, such as city water, rainwater, well water, spring water. Possible fields of application are industry, agriculture and collective installations. NW filters are used for high water flows. They provide effective filtration in installations requiring low concentrations of suspended solids. They are often used as protective filters protecting installations and other water treatment devices, such as ion exchange or membrane installations. Filters equipped with a fine mesh insert made of stainless steel. This filter provides continuous water filtration, trapping impurities such as rust, sand, hemp shreds, etc. on the filter mesh. The impurities are collected at the bottom of the transparent housing and can be easily removed by momentarily opening the drain. Due to its small size, the filter can be installed where there is little space for installation.

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