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Mechanical filters

NW filters

The series of CINTROPUR® NW 500/650/800 water filters is designed to filter clean water with low suspended solids content such as mains water, rainwater, well water or spring water. Other non-aggressive liquids can also be filtered. Possible fields of application are industry, agriculture and shared systems. The materials used in the manufacture of filters comply with the requirements for filtration of liquids intended for consumption. The use of NW 500 TE with activated carbon is widely known as a method of chloride removal, removal of unpleasant odours, taste improvement and purification from pesticides and herbicides.

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BestOne filters

A range of professional filters with replaceable filter elements.


domestic systems, industrial systems


  • high water flows,
  • remarkable effectiveness,
  • wide range of applications,
  • water service lines d40 and d50.
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BB filters

BB filter series are characterized by high hourly performance and small pressure drops in the system. State-of-the-art bodies with two seals increase the stability of connecting the cover to the filter head. The device has a vent to facilitate the replacement of the filter element. The transparent cover makes it possible to observe the degree of contamination of the filter element.

BB inline filters are mounted on water service lines to the building, protecting against corrosion and contamination of the entire system and all connected devices. They also significantly improve the quality of water for consumption or bathing. They are single-stage devices, but several filters can be connected in series or parallel at the same time.

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