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Water electrodeionization

Water demineralization in this process is based on the simultaneous use of electricity, resins and ion-exchange membranes. EDI is usually used for the final polishing of water after the reverse osmosis process, when the technological process requires the use of water with very low conductivity (less than 0.1 μS / cm).


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Electro DI-MX series water electrodeionization systems are characterized by a simple, compact structure and the production of high-quality ultrapure water without the use of chemicals. They are used to produce very low water

conductivity. Conductivity can be achieved with a suitable pre-treatment system

water from 0.2 to 0.005 μS / cm. Electro DI-MX systems are equipped with modules from Ionpure®, a leader in their production.

Electro DI-MX devices are controlled by a programmable PLC controller allowing for full system control.

As additional equipment we offer a water treatment station including a softening system and a reverse

osmosis, etc.

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