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Water disinfection systems

Most methods of water treatment do not ensure its microbiological safety, therefore disinfection is the last stage of the installation. The purpose of disinfection is to inactivate all pathogenic microorganisms and to protect the water from secondary bacteriological contamination in the water supply network.

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UV lamps

Professional UV lamps for industrial applications allow the complete removal of organic compounds, bacteria and viruses from water, and also prevent their further multiplication in the water system. Thanks to the use of efficient radiators, the bactericidal lamps offered guarantee high disinfection efficiency for many hours and long operation time.

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Chlorine dioxide generators

The advantage of the offered chlorine dioxide generators is undoubtedly their efficiency. The chlorine dioxide produced enters the biofilm and removes it, degrading its cells and ensuring the disinfection of water systems. Chlorine dioxide, under appropriate conditions, provides up to thirty times more bactericidal and virucidal activity than chlorine. Watersystem generators enable effective fight against Legionnaires' disease.

  • Lotus Mini generators
  • Lotus Mini generators with probe
  • Lotus Air generators
  • Lotus Air generators with probe
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