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Electro DI-MX series water electrodeionization systems are characterized by a simple, compact structure and the production of high-quality ultrapure water without the use of chemicals. They are used to produce very low water

conductivity. Conductivity can be achieved with a suitable pre-treatment system

water from 0.2 to 0.005 μS / cm. Electro DI-MX systems are equipped with modules from Ionpure®, a leader in their production.

Electro DI-MX devices are controlled by a programmable PLC controller allowing for full system control.

As additional equipment we offer a water treatment station including a softening system and a reverse

osmosis, etc.

  • feed water for high-performance boilers
  • laboratories and cosmetics
  • hospitals
  • chemical industry
  •      stainless steel frame,
  •      IONPURE electrodeinization module,
  •      analog pressure sensors
  •      inlet water sampling valve
  •      sewage flow meter
  •      product flow meter
  •      ultrapure water conductivity probe
  •      concentrate and effluent control valves
  •      color PLC panel,
  •      connection of the chemical CIP cleaning system