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Car washes

Proper operation of a car wash, including the appropriate end result in the form of high-quality vehicle washing, is the task of a water treatment plant. In order to obtain the optimum vehicle washing quality soft water should be used for the main wash. This allows you to use less chemicals and reduces the formation of white stains on a washed vehicle body. The next step is to thoroughly rinse the car with demineralized water. This washing phase requires more time than customers usual take, because rinsing the surface alone will not do us any good. Rinse the vehicle well from top to bottom, remembering to thoroughly rinse seals, door strips, mirrors, etc. Rinsing cars with demineralized water eliminates the necessity to wipe it. Demineralized water does not leave white spots as it dries up, because it does not contain calcium

Dosing of chemicals

Pumps and dosing stations are used to dose chemicals into water to change parameters or carry out chemical reactions. They are used for dosing chemicals that correct parameters of water making up heating or cooling circuits, and as measures to protect a system against corrosion or the growth of microorganisms. In the water and sewage technology, dosing pumps are used as dispensers of chemical reagents, corrosion inhibitors, pH enhancers, disinfectants, antiscalants, coagulants, flocculants, etc.

The dosing pumps we offer are characterized by high reliability and precise dosing. In order to ensure optimal operating parameters, they should be selected in a professional and accurate manner for each installation individually.

Water recycling

Water is a precious and scarce resource. Watersystem advanced technologies and equipment help you reuse almost all your used water. This will reduce mains water consumption and operating costs, while helping to protect the environment.

Typical processes used in these facilities