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Vehicle washes, water recycling systems

Transport and vehicle washing

Washing processes in industry are characterized by a great variety. This applies in particular to such industries as train washes, car and truck washes, tanker washes, cleaning of buildings, washing processes in production. For the treatment of wastewater generated by these processes, we offer our proven and effective solutions.


Sediment management

There is a strong trend around the world in the management of sewage sludge. The main reason is the tightening of regulations that limit the use of agriculture or land reclamation. Therefore, sewage sludge becomes a significant cost factor for treatment plant operators. Watersystem offers an effective and proven technology to reduce the amount of sludge by dewatering.


Painting shops and electroplating

With the development of technology, the demand for high-quality varnish coatings on metal products increases for anti-corrosion, decorative and ecological reasons. More and more often, cast iron, cast steel, steel and non-ferrous metal elements are coated with powder paints of high smoothness, gloss, texture and rich colors. These coatings are also highly resistant to corrosion. Out of many painting techniques, powder coating is one of the clean technologies with no emission. For this reason, powder paint shops can be located, unlike a paint shop with solvent-based paints, even in the city center.


IBC container washes

The rapid development of various branches of the economy around the world means that natural resources are used more and more. One of the ways to protect them is to control the pollution that is introduced into the environment in which we live.



We carry out tasks in the "turnkey" formula, offering comprehensive execution of investment tasks - design and construction of water treatment plants or sewage treatment plants in the "design and build" system.


Water and sewage disinfection

Our offer includes solutions for water and sewage disinfection based on the dosing of chlorine or ozone compounds. The disinfection systems are delivered with the necessary accompanying devices and full automation of the dosing process. Disinfection systems are used both in the final disinfection of wastewater and technological water, which can consequently be recirculated to the proces.