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The DAF microFLOT process with a microbubble generator removes solid particles (suspensions), fats, oils and other insoluble substances from sewage by bringing them to the surface of the liquid with fine air bubbles.

Air bubbles in the Watersystem dissolved air flotation units are generated by special generators, called white water generators. Saturation pumps are responsible for three processes handled simultaneously: sucking atmospheric air, mixing it with recirculated liquid, and producing a liquid-air mixture with the appropriate, required pressure.

As a result, the Watersystem microFLOT dissolved air flotation unit does not require the use of such devices as a compressor, injector, air-saturated liquid storage tank and other peripheral devices. The air-water mixture produced by the WATERSYSTEM generators contains gas bubbles ranging from 1 to 30 microns, which makes the DAF microFLOT process efficiency much higher than that of conventional dissolved air flotation units with a pressurized tank.

Dissolved air flotation units are made of AISI304 stainless steel or AISI316 acid-resistant steel, and of HDPP, which makes them very resistant to chemicals. The simplicity of their design (cuboid), as well as the use of a microbubble generator minimize the risk of failure and significantly reduces operating costs. The units can work in an automatic, completely maintenance-free mode.

The use of DAF microFlot units


Reduces pollution

chemical production

average concentration of suspended solids

tanker washing

COD, BOD, fats, oils, detergents

food production

heavy metals

other industrial sewage

neutralized pH





  • effective and flexible technology for removing suspended solids and fats,
  • a wide range of applications in many industries,
  • an efficient aeration system eliminates the need for external saturation systems.