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Surface water treatment plant

The proposed technology is aimed at the treatment of lake water to the boiler water quality. Raw water is taken from the overflow lake, then disinfected and directed to a block of nine automatic filters with a diameter of 1600 mm filled with a quartz bed. The filtered water is stored in two internal storage tanks, and then by a pump set directed to an automatic self-cleaning filter based on a 30 micron slotted sieve. Water purified in this way is fed to the ultrafiltration system. The ultrafiltration system includes electrically driven valves, pressure transducers, flow meters, a rinsing pump, dosing pumps, and a CIP system. After the ultrafiltration system, the water is directed to a tank with a capacity equipped with a circulation and disinfection system, from where it is directed through a pump set to a system of three parallel-connected columns with a diameter of 0.9 m filled with strongly acid cation exchanger. The treated water with a conductivity of approx. 2 micrS / cm is directed to the reverse osmosis system, and then to the storage tank, from where it is fed to the steam boiler room by means of a pump set.