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Euro ECO

Euro ECO

Compact water softeners of the Euro series are used to soften potable or tap water from which previously iron and manganese have been removed. The softener as a complete unit is mounted in a plastic container, thanks to which we save the space necessary for installation. Softeners can treat water for water boiler rooms, cooling circuits, industrial and domestic systems, service facilities as a system for total or partial water softening.

As standard the unit includes the following components:

  • hydropneumatic tank made of epoxy-glass composite,
  • compact PE housing,
  • multi-cycle control valve (Clack, Fleck, Autotrol, BNT),
  • ion exchange resin (strongly acid cation exchanger, sodium form),
  • power supply.
Available control versions:
  • With volume control (built-in electronic water meter).
Technical specifications:

Working pressure: 2 to 6 bar

Maximum water temperature: 38°C

Power supply: 230 VAC/50 Hz

Operating voltage: 12 V DC/50 Hz

Power input: 3W