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RO STAR is a professional reverse osmosis, general-purpose system. Thanks to its design it is a unique device offering high performance and maximum safety. The housing design is easy to service and maintain, which saves a significant amount of time. Thanks to easy wall mounting, the device allows for effective use of space in space constraint areas. System capacity up to 450 l/h.

Advantages of the units:

  • stainless steel housing,
  • low power demand and high performance,
  • full control over the process,
  • space-saving wall installation,
  • water quality control,
  • easy installation and commissioning,
  • main components made in Europe.
Basic equipment:
  • stainless steel membrane housing,
  • Low Energy membranes,
  • measurement of treated water conductance,
  • flushing solenoid valve 24 V AC,
  • 5-micron pre-filter,
  • pressure gauge for measuring input water conductance and high pressure,
  • input solenoid valve 24 V AC,
  • adjustable inlet pressure switch,
  • vane pressure pump with motor,
  • stainless steel control valves.


  • steam humidifiers,
  • laboratories,
  • car washes,
  • low pressure hot water cylinders,
  • commercial laundries,
  • any application requiring RO water.