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Reverse osmosis is RO - is used to separate low-molecular-weight substances dissolved in water. Specially designed for use in industrial systems. Due to its small size, the system can be installed wherever space constraints prevent installation of large units. Use RO PURE to obtain crystal clear water, to supply air humidifiers installed in residential, office and industrial buildings. The capacity of the offered units is up to 300 l/h.

Advantages of the unit:

  • Polish menu control panel,
  • display with information about the current operating status of the unit,
  • access to alarm statistics,
  • alarms: low input pressure, high system pressure, exceeded input conductance, exceeded  output (product) conductance,
  • signal input from the water pre-treatment system,
  • electronic permeate flow indicator,
  • measurement of treated water conductance.
Basic equipment:
  • 5-micron pre-filter,
  • electronic measurement of inlet pressure,
  • input solenoid valve 24 V AC,
  • adjustable inlet pressure switch,
  • Low Energy membranes,
  • measurement of treated water conductance,
  • flushing solenoid valve 24 V AC,
  • diaphragm tank,
  • UV radiation disinfection system (optional),
  • measurement of treated water conductance (optional).


  • air humidification systems,
  • laboratories,
  • workshops.
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