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GRD Magnum filters

GRD Magnum filters

Iron and manganese removal is used to improve the quality of potable water, mainly its taste, odour and colour. Iron and manganese ions not only affect the formation of brown stains and deposits from laundry, but also cause excessive growth of iron and manganese bacteria, which reduce the service life of water pipes by depositing on their inner walls. Filtration systems eliminate various forms of dissolved, precipitated and bacterially bound iron and manganese from water.

Iron and manganese removal filters can treat water for water boiler rooms, cooling circuits, industrial and domestic systems, service facilities as a system protecting ion exchange and membrane systems.

Available control versions:

  • with the electronic timer Logix 742; starts the regeneration process after a pre-set time,
W skład urządzenia standardowo wchodzą następujące elementy
  •    Magnum control head
  •     tank
  •     distribution pipe
  •     top distributor
  •     catalytic bed
  •     bottom distributor
  •     KMn04 tank
Wyposażenie dodatkowe
  • rinse aid valves
  • compressor
  • side mounting kit
  • aerator
  • electronic flow meter with 4-20mA output signal
  • stainless steel connections